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A Complete Guide to Softaculous Script Library

When you decide to start a business selling web hosting in India as a reseller, you would need applications to help you offer competitive services to your clients. There are many single-click applications in the market to help site owners and Reseller Hosting businesses install essential applications in no time. Of these, Softaculous is one of the most popular single-click auto-installers. Today, we will talk about Reseller Hosting in India with Softaculous and offer a complete guide to the Softaculous script library.

Softaculous Script Library

When you start a Reseller Web Hosting business, you purchase hosting resources from a reliable parent company, create packages, and sell them to your clients. These Reseller Hosting plans offer a range of applications and tools like cPanel, Softaculous, etc. Of these, Softaculous is an auto-installer made available with cPanel hosting. Here is a guide to the script library of Softaculous.

  1.   Blogs – including WordPress, Pubvana, etc.
  2.   Micro Blogs – including Storytlr, StatusNet, etc.
  3.   Portals/CMS – including Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  4.   Forums – including phpBB, SMF, etc.
  5.   Image Galleries
  6.   Wikis
  7.   Social Networking apps – including Dolphin, Elgg, etc.
  8.   Ad Management – including OS Class. Etc.
  9.   Gaming apps – including BlackNova Traders, Nuked Klan, etc.
  10. Mail apps – including Roundcube, WebMail Lite, etc.
  11. Polls and Analytics – including Lime Survey, Matomo, etc.
  12. Project Management – including Feng Office, eyeOS, etc.
  13. E-Commerce – including WHMCS, Open Cart, etc.
  14. ERP apps – including Vtiger, Akaunting, etc.
  15. Guest Books – including Lazarus, VX Guestbook, etc.
  16. Customer Support – including osTicket, Live Helper Chat, etc.
  17. Frameworks – including Laravel, Cake PHP, etc.
  18. Educational – including Moodle, Chamilo, etc.
  19. Database Tools – including phpMyAdmin, MyWebSQL, etc.
  20. Music – including Podcast Generator, AmpJuke, etc.
  21. Video apps – including Clip Bucket, Cumulus Clips, etc.
  22. RSS feeds – including Tiny Tiny RSS, Selfoss, etc.
  23. File Management – including ownCloud, Project Send, etc.
  24. Other apps – including SEP panel, free chat software, etc.

Softaculous also has Perl-based applications like Blogs (Movable Type), E-Commerce, and Mails. While these apps can be individually located and downloaded, Softaculous makes it easier. With over 400 apps updated every day, support for multiple languages.

Summing Up

Remember, if you are looking for a Linux Reseller Hosting service in India, ensure that the provider is including Softaculous in the package. With numerous plans to choose from, make sure that you assess your business, and choose the provider and the plan that helps you get established in no time. The performance of your hosting packages depends upon that of the parent company. Hence, buy Reseller Hosting after considering all options. Also, ensure that you consider cPanel with a Linux Reseller Hosting plan.

The following video explains Linux Reseller Hosting in detail:

Softaculous is a one-stop-shop for all Hosting Resellers. It offers a solution for the complete lifecycle of an app. It also offers an email notification process. This includes installing to backing it up and updating regularly. We hope that you have understood Softaculous and its significance to your reseller web hosting business. Good Luck!

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