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Retro fashion trends this 2022

Many throwback styles are coming back into trend this year, namely, Y2K and Vintage/Retro. Therefore if you want to update your wardrobe, there are plenty of trending clothing stores‘ online reviews to browse. For example, one can make use of peppermayo review. Peppermayo’s review section highlights previous customers’ thoughts on their products, price, and delivery processes. Looking at a company’s review sections is especially important when identifying if a company is trustworthy, reliable, and provides quality clothing and products.

The top 5 vintage fashion trends of 2022

One of the beauties of fashion is that while many trends come and go, they will never be gone forever. Vintage and retro styles are perfect examples of this. The waistcoat is making a huge comeback, with many women putting their feminine touch on the otherwise masculine clothing attire. Moreover, headscarves and patterned ones are becoming trendy accessories this summer/spring, as they add a pop of color and fun to one’s outfit. Furthermore, many individuals are wearing slip-dresses. What started as underwear has now become day and nightwear and growing in popularity.

The top 5 retro patterns of 2022

With retro and vintage becoming trendy this year, one can expect that to flow through in the pattern trend predictions. Strips are going to be the main focus in patterned clothing. Strips are becoming an intricate way of showing off the retro influence during this season. Additionally, one can also expect to see many vacation and tropical prints. Furthermore, retro fusion represents the 60’s and 70’s this summer. It can make for a rather bold statement with geometric shapes and effects.

How to dress and look vintage/retro

When one thinks of vintage and retro, one often thinks of the ’60s and ’70s. However, vintage clothing does not have to only relate to those specific eras. Vintage clothing could also mean the 50’s, 80’s, 90’s, indeed any era that speaks to you and that you love. Therefore if you want to incorporate more vintage wear into your wardrobe, the first step is to establish which era you want to dress as. Furthermore, one can go to a vintage clothing store to incorporate more vintage wear. One can also shop online for more vintage wear. For example, shops such as Esty, eBay, or depop are all platforms that offer a variety of unique vintage clothing options. Lastly, hair and makeup play an intricate part in portraying which era your outfit is from. Therefore one should take note of the hairstyles and makeup that were popular within that era.

The beauty of thrifting

Recently, thrifting has become a more popular and affordable way to shop than shopping at your local fast-fashion store. Vintage shopping is especially significant if you want to get more retro and vintage-looking pieces. But, of course, not every shopping trip will be successful. Sometimes you may find the perfect piece, and other times you may leave the store without anything. It is also important to note a drastic difference between thrift and vintage stores. A thrift store sells basic clothing pieces that could be from this era or earlier, receiving very little profit. Whereas a vintage store specializes in selling vintage pieces and clothing items and marks up their prices quite drastically to ensure they receive a profit.

This summer and spring will see a lot of cool, funky, and retro patterns. Additionally, one can see waistcoats, slip dresses, and headscarves in their local clothing stores. However, if you want more authentic and vintage clothing items, you should consider visiting their local thrift store.

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